How Secure Email Increases Business Productivity and Information Security

Electronic mail has dramatically increased productivity for business over the past decade. Its use has enabled companies and individuals to communicate quickly, reliably, easily, and cheaply. However, standard e-mail has typically lacked in the area of security. It is for this reason that companies should seriously consider implementing Secure E-mail strategies. Secure E-mail can benefit businesses by providing them with confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and nonrepudiation.The confidentiality of secure e-mail occurs by encrypting the messages that are sent over the Internet. This provides privacy. Encrypting also provides integrity by ensuring that the data has not been modified while in transit. The use of secret encryption keys ensures that only the owners know and have access to the e-mail, and knows the person who sent the e-mail. In addition, nonrepudiation occurs due to the recipient of the message knowing who sent the message.There are several features of secure e-mail that make it a secure way to send data. The first is encryption. Encryption occurs when the data is sent along with a key, through multiple mathematical formulas that make the data unreadable. In order to read the data, the process has to be reversed using the appropriate key.Another feature is the hash function. This function takes the original plaintext data of any length and creates a unique fixed-length output. The result of the hash function is known as a message digest. The principle here is that if the input were changed by a single bit, the message digest would be different.The use of Digital signatures is also an important feature of secure e-mail. Digital signatures are made by using the hash function. A hash is performed on the message to create a message digest. Then, the message is “signed” by encrypting the message digest with the sender’s private key. This allows the receiver to verify the message’s integrity, authenticity, and nonrepudiation.Digital Certificates are another feature that ensures e-mail security. A digital certificate is a type of credential/official document, like a driver’s license, that consists of the owner’s public key, information that uniquely identifies the owner, and the digital signature of an endorser, which states that the public key actually belongs to the person in question. The purpose of the digital certificate is to help others verify that the owner of the public key is who he claims to be. It is important that the authority who signed the certificate is trusted.A combination of encryption methods are also a feature that can be utilized in secure e-mail. PGP (pretty good privacy)/MIME (multipurpose Internet mail extensions) are said to be hybrid cryptosystems because they overcome the shortcomings of both public key and conventional cryptosystems. PGP is an encryption technology that is currently the standard for e-mail encryption, and S/MIME was designed to add security to e-mail messages in MIME format by offering authentication using digital signatures and privacy using encryption.There are several steps PGP and S/MIME encryption systems take to secure e-mail messages before they are sent. They are: The message is compressed (only with PGP), A session key is created, The message is encrypted using the session key with a symmetrical encryption method, The session key is encrypted with an asymmetrical encryption method, The encrypted session key and the encrypted message are bound together and transmitted to the recipient. These same steps are used in reverse order to decrypt the message.There are several vulnerabilities involved in e-mail communication. Some of the most common are: eavesdropping, spoofing and masquerading, man-in-the-middle attack, session hijacking, data manipulation, Malware, social engineering, password guessing, and information leaks.- The vulnerability of eavesdropping is solved by e-mail encryption for communications that require confidentiality.- Spoofing and masquerading are solved by the use of Digital certificates issued by a trusted certificate authority that proves to the customer/receiver that the sender of an e-mail is who he claims to be.- Man-in-the-middle attack or session hijacking tricks an e-mail server to send their data through a third note. This is countered by digitally signing data, ensuring that both parties authenticate each other. Encrypting the e-mails will also counter this vulnerability.- The problem of data manipulation can be countered by e-mail encryption, which stops both the reading and manipulation of e-mails, and digital signatures, which ensures that if the data was changed then the receiver would know.- Malware is malicious software; viruses, Trojan horses, backdoors, and worms. This is countered by the use of virus filtering software.- Social engineering uses trickery on people instead of on software. This is also solved by the use of e-mail encryption and digital signatures.- The countermeasure against the attack of password guessing is to choose a strong passphrase for your certificate or key.- Finally, information leaks can be countered by training users on acceptable use of e-mail and to use an e-mail filtering solution. These countermeasures can also combat the negative and corrosive effects of spam, hoaxes, and e-mail born viruses.In conclusion, standardised email can significantly increased productivity for your company. Its use can enable you to communicate reliably, easily, and affordably. In addition, utilizing secure e-mail can provide you with confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and nonrepudiation.Works Cited
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How To Write 5 Articles Per Day To Market Your Home Business Products

As a home based business owner who wants to excel with his online home based business opportunity, you may want to use all the available avenues that are long lasting and proven in order to successfully grow your business which include gathering of a large database of prospects and customers for the
purpose of product acquisition and downline building.To ensure that you get your business opportunity out to the relevant audience
who actually need your products or services you need to know how to produce
good articles that are written around either your home based business
opportunity or from the angle of the services or products.When writing articles, your aim is to establish a brand, credibility and
recognition through your articles. The best way you can do this is by
writing as many articles as you can possibly muster.The key to successful article marketing is to make a goal of article writing
as a habit you must stick with for at least 6 months to one year. To write as
much as 100 – 150 articles each month, you need to write at least 5 articles per day.Writing 5 articles per day should not be a big deal. If you are fast in
typing. You should write all the 5 articles in 1 hour each day as long as you
have an idea of what you want to write about. If not, even if you write
slowly, writing 5 articles every 2 hours is also good.When you write, your purpose should be to briefly inform your audience and
prompt them to join your mailing list so that you can follow up and present
your products and your opportunity eventually.Do this, and you will find out that while others are struggling to build
their businesses, yours will assume an upward viral in growth with no view of
slowing down. That prospect is not only exciting but also very realizable if
you dare to give it a try.

Ideas to Create Own Work At Home Online Business Product

The voice you heard by the majority of people in the Net is true, the real true money generating machine is to offer your own product or service where you can keep 100% of the profits.Before you even start creating or introduce your own product or service, you should do some research to check the target market size, competitors and the available pricing methods available for the type of product or service that you intend to offer.The most common product that people develop are ebook or what is commonly known as info product. It is based on the experience that you have accumulated over the years either through your jobs or hobbies and convert them into writings.Everyone of us have a special skills and things that we do better than the rest. You can further expand your knowledge database via further education or self-education in order to create the business.Many new business are created not by developing new products or services but by improving something that already exists. The initial innovators of products might received lots of recognition for their innovation might not know how to make the product appeal to the mass consumers and sell like hot cakes. Subsequent bright businessmen or women succeeded in relaunching the same product after some improvement as they are able to saw the mistakes that have been made and was able to capitalized on it.The movies industry is the best example, many movies are just about repackaging to appeal to the movies consumers. Why develop new super heroes when you can make good money from old familiar heroes like Spiderman. Many movies goers grows up watching Spiderman cartoon and although they maybe adults now,
they still enjoy it like when they was young. It is so familiar with them.Therefore, time spend trying to find brand new idea should instead be spend on improving existing idea. The most important criteria is to try and find a NEED which you can filled.For improving your business success rate, try not to go into a hot industries that are already overcrowded with suppliers unless you can offer something cheaper and better than them and still make a profit. Finding a niche market is a better strategy as an unique product or service will increase your chances of success.Starting a Work At Home Online Business means that you should look for product or service that can be sold online and delivered to people living around the world. It should be cheaper or more convenience to order online rather than offline.The most famous successful niche finder is The books they sold already exist offline and by bringing it online and pricing its books competitively, they slowly build up their niche market and have now become the world largest online books sellers.Therefore, open your eyes wide and start looking at things around you and think of ways to improve them.