Enhancing Business Productivity With Web Solutions

Growing up and living in a developing country like Uganda offers a unique experience to any professional and more so software developers. The reality is that a lot of business and public bodies can benefit greatly from the incorporation of web solutions to their work modal. These benefits are straight forward in many cases, to list a few:

Report generation
Analysis of data
Automation of regular (repetitive) tasks
Customer Relationship management
So why is the software industry in these markets lagging behind other countries if the benefits of are so obvious? The answer is simple; these benefits aren’t so obvious. Typical work in developing countries for business depends heavily on Microsoft Office, taking full use especially of Excel. While these are excellent solutions, they do not fully offer the benefits of customized solutions. However business and public entities do fully grasp the need for these customizations.Because Office works (Which it does) business entities rarely look outside the box to automate their process. This has been the case for a long time. But as interest in the internet has grown, it has become more and more clear to a lot of these businesses that incorporating more particular solutions they can archive efficiency. One of the results is that small development companies are starting up to meet these needs.Using web solutions allows business meet there needs without having to learn to much. This is because web solutions are very similar in the way they are used. Take an example of Gmail; if you have a Gmail account, adapting to another mail system (especially one built on Google apps) is simple and straight forward. This advantage and the agile development possibilities for web solutions provide public and private entities with a means to reach to the advantages above.I work as a technology consultant for a company called I-Patterns. It is a company that aims at developing and maintaining solutions for businesses. This is with a particular target at enhancing and automating their process using scalable solutions. We hope that by providing these services; companies can take advantage and yield greater returns from their efforts. Being scalable means the solutions are quickly adaptable to their growing needs.