A Review of How a Domain Name Can Be Your Home Based-Business Product Or an Affiliate Program

What are the FUN-damentals of success in network marketing and/or affiliate marketing? Let’s talk about affiliate programs as a way to have more FUN. It is fun because of more money and more leads for your business. Affiliate marketing is a way to monetize your business prospects. A little while back I had no idea that I could make money online. I didn’t know what an affiliate program was and I certainly didn’t know how to market one and monetize it while building a network of free leads. Now I know how much FUN the Fun-damentals of network marketing and affiliate marketing can be!Affiliate Program FUN-damentalsSo what are affiliate program fundamentals?

Affiliate marketing – market capture pages for the affiliate program with your unique links
Lead generation – anyone who fills out the form on your affiliate link capture page is a free lead for your business
Monetization – when your leads become affiliates too, you receive a commission from the affiliate program
Free training – the marketing system in the “back office” usually includes elaborate step by step free training
Affiliate MarketingAs you might know, affiliates programs create the marketing. All you have to do is promote the program’s marketing package. The referral links have been tested and refined to yield a very high opt-in rate, usually much higher than the affiliate, you, could design. Affiliate marketing goes hand in hand with network marketing although most network marketers have never heard of it.Lead GenerationA great way to generate leads for your network marketing business is to chose an affiliate program whose target market is you, a network marketer. What happens then is those who fill out the form on your referral link capture page turn out to be highly qualified leads for your network marketing business. The number one FUN-damental reason to get into several affiliate programs is to have another two or three free leads in your inbox every morning. Now that’s FUN!MonetizationTalk about FUN! What if a third or even a forth of your leads became affiliates too? You earn a commission on each one. Not only does that pay for your affiliate program cost but it will eventually turn into cashflow. Monetization is also a term most network marketers are not familiar with and is often the reason they quit and get a job. It takes cashflow to build any business, including network marketing. Don’t quit, monetize!Free TrainingAn unbelievable amount of free training is in the “back end” of most affiliate programs. It probably the more valuable than most affiliates realize. Often, the affiliate doesn’t get into much of it but those few who do end up with the most leads and the most money!Your Network Marketing Company Can’t Market YOUR BusinessIn your network marketing business, you probably have a capture page designed by your company. But remember, that could very well capture the names and email addresses of people considered leads for the company, not for you. What if you switch companies? There goes your list.Network marketing affiliate programs are generic, in that their capture pages generate leads for any MLM company and they are yours to keep, your leads, your list. Let’s review one of my favorite affiliate programs, Global Domains International (GDI). The product is website services – pretty generic, right? GDI provides web services and an affiliate program that can make extra income for you and generate tons of free leads.Global Domains International (GDI)GDI costs affiliates $10/month. You get a 10 page website builder with GDI hosting, one domain name, several referral links with capture pages, and a back office system for training and tracking. Now, don’t worry about having to build a 10 page website. It’s available but you certainly do not have to use it. Mine so far has only one page and I still get traffic.Of course there are bonuses and commissions when people join GDI through your links. If 5 people join within one week, you receive a $100 bonus, recouping your $10/month for almost the whole year. There’s no limit to how often you earn the $100 bonus.Now here’s the unbelievable part. This will sound like hype, but stay with me… commissions really add up if your 5 recruits do the same. If each of the 5 people you recruit in one week also recruit five in one week, you would actually make $3905 that month. If that happened every month, your monthly check as an affiliate would be $3905.Monetization, while generating free leads for your business – those are my favorite FUN-damentals of affiliate programs. Plus, the real fun happens because you are helping others do the same!